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Complete delegation of a business sale

100% of your Sale Managed

In-House Value Consulting to Maximize Sale Price

24/7 Personalized Service

Guaranteed Business Sale or 100% of consulting costs returned with interest

*Our Quantum Partnership is available to three business owners per year.

The Business Sale Accelerator+

Mentored delivery of a sold company

Everything in Navigator and Accelerator+

Professional Business Valuation

Recasting & Financial Overview Document

Blind Profile Marketing Document

CIM Marketing Document

24/7 Unlimited One-on-One Advisory

The Business Sale Accelerator®

Mentored delivery of a sold company

Everything needed to sell a company

Lifetime group advisory

One-on-one advisory

45+ strategies to double value

Reduced legal and accounting costs

Learn how to pay zero capital gains tax

10x money back guarantee

The Business Sale Navigator®

A simple guide to selling a company

How to guarantee a sale

Winning business sale roadmap

How to skyrocket company value

5 largest deal killers

7 ways to maximize your take home cash

The most affordable way to sell a company

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Best for owners in the research phase of a business sale.

Best for business owners with revenues under $1M who want the tools and guidance to sell on their own.

Best for business owners with revenues under $5M who want to sell quickly, for maximum price.

Best for business owners with revenues over $5M who want to delegate the entire sale process.

Business Sale Navigator

Maximize sale price

Determine best exit plan

Minimize transaction costs

Understanding the sale process

One-on-one advisory calls





10x guarantee

Business Sale Accelerator

Group advisory calls

1 per week

1 per week

1 per week

Business transition network

Value enhancement strategies

Marketing plan & strategies

Guaranteed buyers

+5 buyers

+5 buyers

Due diligence success map

Data room

Max cash offer & negotiation system

Working capital navigation

Asset allocation tax strategies

Payment structure options

Training, transition, non-compete

Understanding definitive agreements

Selecting a winning legal team

30 hr content, 30+ downloads

Business Sale Accelerator +

Professional business valuation document

Recasting & financial overview document

Marketing sales deck, and blind profile

SOP development

Quantum Partnership

Our Quantum clients per year


Dedicated intermediary

Guaranteed sale

Success t-shirt

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Your risk removal pricing model

Business Sale

When your company sells, 100% of your coaching fees are refunded out of the broker's commissions.

Every penny you invested into value enhancement is returned.

Sale Partnership

We increase the value of your business today while preparing it for your eventual sale. Select a coaching price that works best for your business.

Value enhancement at a price that works for you.

30 Days Free

We complete a business sale risk assessment, business valuation, business sale plan, and 4 hours of virtual consulting at no cost.

All the information you need
with zero risk.

Preview the Business Sale Navigator®

In the Business Sale Navigator® learn:

How to guarantee your company sells

The winning business sale roadmap

How to maximize company value

How to attract quality buyers

How to navigate broker fees

The 5 largest deal killers

Complimentary advisory call

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