The Wrong Question - What Is My Business Worth?
Written by Scott Duke on July 7th, 2019
The question - what is my business worth? - Or similar valuation questions, are the most commonly asked by business owners contemplating a sale. Ironically, along with it being the wrong question, it is a difficult inquiry for even seasoned experts to answer correctly. Ask five valuation professionals the value of your business and guaranteed, you will receive five different answers. 
Should you sell your business on your own, use a realtor, a business broker, or a M&A advisor?
Written by Scott Duke on February 6th, 2019
Amongst other endeavours, in my career, I have been a realtor, a business broker, and an M&A advisor. In each role, I was fortunate enough to serve a variety of owners, along with buying and selling businesses of my own. Concerning representation, over time, I have learnt that each business situation is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 
My 44 Day Challenge Researching How To Sell A Business
Written by Scott Duke on July 4th, 2018
In early 2018, likely a result of binge following Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tai Lopez, I thought it would be a good idea to torment myself for a month and a half by reading a new book each day on "how to sell your business." I then committed to sharing the knowledge with the world in daily YouTube videos. This article is a condensation of the lessons learned, and the top five - how to sell your business - books.
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