About Us

And How We Serve You

What we do it

We help small business owners sell their companies efficiently, and affordably.

Why we do it

  • Most businesses fail to sell - an ending we are not comfortable with.
  • The traditional business sales process was developed in the ’70s - it was ready for an update.
  • We feel business sellers are underserviced and overcharged - not appropriate in this century.

Why we do it

  • With empathy and understanding, from having gone through the experience of selling our own companies.
  • By innovating custom-tailored products that outperform the available services in the marketplace.
  • By using a systems-based and automated approach to increase efficiency, and reduce costs.
  • By employing proprietary diagnosis tools to ensure businesses are sellable before going to market.
  • By breaking the sales process into bite-sized chunks so the next step is known, understood, and can be easily concurred.
  • By keeping a laser focus on simplicity.

The finer details

Our system breaks the process of selling a business into four phases, and twenty steps. At each stage, owners are given the tools, knowledge, and advisory to ensure success. By focusing on winning all the small parts of a sale, we increase the probability the complete sales process is a success.

A simpler way forward, engineered to create success stories.

"Gateway Capital helped my company navigate a partner buyout. The assessment package they created was incredibly detailed and surprisingly easy to understand. The market assessment was clear and understandable for both us and our advisors and ensured both partners were treated equitably. Scott took the time to go over the report in great detail and answer all my questions. Great value and great service."

Isaac Becker

"We acquired our first business through Scott four years ago. His expertise and professionalism kept the process orderly and his communication was first-rate. I would highly recommend Scott and his team."

Mike Brown

"I certainly underestimated the time, energy and knowledge it takes to sell a business. It took over 2 years, going through unexpected events and serious buyers backing out at the last minute. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without Scott’s team. I am thankful for their work, their ability to adapt to different situations and mediation skills. I am finally out enjoying early retirement!"

Sylvie Bisson

"The advice and direction from Scott and his team were a big part of my understanding of the acquisition process, and ultimately getting my business to the closing table."

James Brace

"The GatewayCapital team was a great help appraising my businesses and commercial property. The advisory service and market value document were a massive help putting together a transition strategy."

Robert Allison

Have the desire to sell your company?

Every successful sale first started with a phone call. The call that opens the door and is the beginning of a relationship. If you are serious about selling, and curious about how to efficiently, and cost-effectively transition your business, you can book your discovery call with us below.

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